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Dear Future Applicant,

Thank you for considering a career in public service. Before applying for a position, we encourage you to consider New Hanover County’s Mission, Vision, and Shared Values to better understand what drives the organization and the county’s expectations of employees. We can only accomplish our mission and deliver quality services to citizens by selecting employees who are committed to good governance and demonstrate a desire to serve the public.


New Hanover County is committed to progressive public policy, superior service, courteous contact, judicious exercise of authority, and sound fiscal management to meet the needs and concerns of our citizens today and tomorrow.


Our vision is a vibrant, prosperous, diverse coastal community, committed to building a sustainable future for generations to come.

Shared Values

New Hanover County has identified five shared values as the fundamental principles that guide how members of the organization conduct themselves while carrying out our mission in pursuit of the vision. Together, these values provide an ethical framework for decision making and action. We strongly encourage you to explore our Shared Values and their meanings below:

NHC Shared Values

New Hanover County is committed to hiring men and women at the top of their professional fields, who possess the best technical skills and who demonstrate an unwavering dedication to the citizens we serve. To ensure a commitment to our Shared Values and to further integrate potential employees with our organizational mission and vision, it is also necessary that we select employees who demonstrate the behaviors associated with our Shared Values.

Emergency Response

New Hanover County’s commitment to serve our citizens does not end when disaster strikes.  If anything, our commitment to serve becomes even more important.  Every employee of New Hanover County is required to work during emergency/disaster situations, such as, but not limited to, hurricanes.  The emergency work assignments during these situations may be outside of the scope of regular duties and may require working any day of the week during various hours (day or night) for unspecified lengths of time.   We want candidates considering employment with New Hanover County to be aware of this essential duty that exists in each position the county requests budget funding for so that you can consider this commitment when deciding if employment with New Hanover County is the right choice.

By clicking below you are committing to uphold New Hanover County’s Shared Values and honor the commitment to serve during emergency situations should you become an employee of New Hanover County.

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