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New Hanover County offers a competitive benefits package designed to encourage and support your health, well-being and productivity. Benefit options include medical, dental, vision, numerous supplemental benefit options, contribution to the NC Retirement plan, paid leave, and 100% employer paid long term disability.

Medical and dental insurance for employees who elect coverage within the specified timelines provided during on-boarding, will be effective on the employee’s date of hire. Please click below for a summary of our benefits.

Annual Notices: New Hanover County Government Annual Notices 2014-15

New Hanover County provides exceptional medical benefits through Blue Cross Blue Shield NC with a choice of two medical plans, a Base or Buy-Up. Employees can get a Preferred Rate by completing a Health Risk Assessment through the Wellness on-site clinic. Retired Military can elect a Tricare Supplement.

Employees who elect medical coverage through these plan options will have their insurance coverage effective on their date of hire.

NewHanoverCounty Base Highlight And NewHanoverCounty BuyUp Highlight

New Hanover County also offers dental insurance through Delta Dental. In Network benefits include two cleanings per year.

Employees who elect dental coverage will have this insurance coverage effective on their date of hire.

Dental Insurance-Summary

Eligible employees become members of the North Carolina Local Government Employees’ Retirement System (NCLGERS). Contributions are paid by the employee and New Hanover County at a rate determined by the State Department of the Treasurer, Retirement Systems Division. New Hanover County also offers membership in the State 401(k) plan through Prudential as well as, two 457(b) plans through Nationwide Retirement System and AXA Equitable.

Long term disability insurance is provided free of charge to regular (non-temporary) employees working twenty or more hours per week. Long term disability protects the financial health of you and your family should you ever suffer a disability that prevents you from working for months or even years. The plan focuses on returning you to productive work as soon as possible. Beginning on the 91st day of disability, your LTD plan will provide 60% of your monthly pay up to a maximum of $8,000 per month. Depending on the nature of the disability, the benefit period may extend up to two years.


Employees may elect this coverage to help with out of pocket cost for an in-patient or out-patient stay in the hospital.

Laymon Group APL GAP Brochure (2)

UL BrochureThis benefit allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified non-reimbursable health expenses or day care expenses.


Flexible Spending Accounts Brochure- All Clients

This benefit assists with eye exams, glasses, and/or contact lenses.

CEC-New Hanover County

This plan pays benefits directly to the employee for surgery and cancer related treatments. You can receive $25 annually for completing a cancer screening test.

Allstate Cancer-Accident Brochure

This plan provides coverage for accidents and accidental death. It also includes a wellness benefit that pays $50 each for up to four doctor and dental visits per year.

Allstate Cancer-Accident Brochure

This benefit is guaranteed issue for new hires and is offered as income replacement in the event of the employee’s short term accident or illness. Benefits are effective the 1st day of an accident and the 8th day of an illness, and can continue up to 13 weeks. The plan pays 70% of your gross income. Rates vary based on age and salary.

Term Life and Accidental Death insurance plans are guaranteed issue for new hires.



This plan offers legal advice and identity theft protection for employees, spouses, significant others, and dependents.

New Hanover County offers membership in the State 401(k) plan through Prudential as well as, two 457(b) plans through Nationwide Retirement System and AXA Equitable.

Prudential 401k Change Form

Guaranteed issue for new hires, this plan pays an initial diagnosis benefit of $10,000 for illnesses such as heart attack and stroke.

Laymon Group Critical Illness 2014

Guaranteed issue for new hires, this plan protects your savings from the high cost of elderly care. It pays a $6,000 benefit for up to a 6 year duration.

Long term care brochure

 It can sometimes be difficult to juggle all that life hands you. New Hanover County understands that occasionally you may need some help in maintaining a balance between your work life and your personal life. The New Hanover County Employee Assistance Program, offered through ComPsych, is available to all NHC employees and is designed to support you with a variety of resources including managing finances, stress, legal issues, or individual, couples and family counseling. These services are all FREE to county employees AND their families. We want you to know that we are here to help keep you safe, happy and successful in both your professional and private life.

NHC Employee Blood Drives

New Hanover County supports our community and the American Red Cross by hosting multiple blood drives each year.  To thank you for donating blood to the American Red Cross, New Hanover County will award you leave for your donation. **To qualify for four hours of leave, you must be in a position eligible for benefits.


New Hanover County Government Benefits Summary

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