Employee Training and Development

New Hanover County is committed to providing educational opportunities that promote professional growth and individual achievement. We offer a variety of ways to further your development including classroom training, on-line training, on the job development and outside formal educational opportunities.

NHC has designed our training program to support an environment of continuous learning relevant to our employees’ responsibilities and the organization’s goals. We focus on developing the technical expertise, customer service, leadership and business skills of our employees. Above all, we provide our employees with training opportunities that help develop skills needed to keep pace with the emerging needs of our customers. Whether you are just starting out with us in new hire orientation or you are a seasoned employee taking advanced training, New Hanover County has the right opportunities to keep your skills fresh and allow you to continuously learn and grow with our organization.

Customer Service: New Hanover County prides itself on our customer service. We strive to make every customer’s experience with their local government as easy and pleasant as possible. We offer several unique customer service classes available for employees to take, tailoring each experience towards the group’s specific needs. Our certification program is a way for employees and departments to show their commitment to serving their customers with an elevated level of respect and professionalism. The three levels are:

  • Ambassador
  • Consultant
  • Champion

Lead Program: The curriculum for New Hanover County’s Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) program is designed to advance the skills of our current leaders, as well as shape the future leaders of our organization and prepare them for succession. The five levels in the LEAD certificate program are:

  • Supervisor Development I
  • Supervisor Development II
  • Manager Development
  • Future Leaders Development (nomination only)
  • Senior Executive Development (SED)

Wellness: Wellness at New Hanover County is not just about eating right and exercising. We take a holistic approach to wellness, incorporating learning opportunities into our schedule each month. You will find a variety of topics designed to improve your overall wellness both at work and in you personal life. Topics include financial wellness, mental wellness, stress management, heart health, exercise techniques, nutrition and many more.

New Hanover County offers online development courses through Point and Click University. Employees can improve their skills with maximum convenience using these e-learning resources. Our online training categories include soft skills, leadership, technology and professional certification courses. Upon joining our organization your exposure to online training will begin right away with compliance training, allowing you to see how training in an e-learning format allows for greater flexibility, convenience and knowledge.

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